IM+ 3.6

IM+™ Mobile Instant Messenger by SHAPE Services is a complete messaging solution that allows users to exchange instant messages within the most popular IM systems (ICQ, MSN, AOL, Yahoo and Jabber) between mobile devices and PCs in real-time.

IM+ users can use the same accounts on mobile devices and PC regardless of changing mobile operator - it's very convenient for using in business trips.

The main IM+ for Java phones features are:

  • You have one client for several services: ICQ, AOL, MSN, Yahoo and Jabber
  • User interface with different graphical themes
  • Multiple Code Pages support: You can exchange messages in any European language, if your phone supports the corresponding fonts.
  • Simultaneous connection to all selected systems
  • Full presence status support
  • Ability to add and remove contacts
  • You can set up the time interval between requests to the IM+ GATE Server, to control your connection costs.
  • With IM+ you can alway be "online". IM+ GATE Server will receive messages for you even if you have temporarily connection problems (e.g. in tunnel), as soon as the connection is established again, the client will request the messages from server and deliver them to you.
  • IM+ GATE Server sends you the data from all 4 services at once and only that data, which is supported by IM+, this helps you to save a lot of traffic.
  • IM+ keeps the contact list information on the respective servers. So, IM+ and your convenient desktop client always use just the same contact list. E.g if you add new buddy to your contact list with IM+, you will see this user in your contact list when you connect with your desktop client next time.

A powerful chat solution for Java cellphones.